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The Sunday Reeds

The Sunday Reeds The Sunday Reeds latest release, Drive You Mad , has been one of our favourite releases here at Munster for 2020. A brilliant combination of Cramps' style, 60's garage, with elements of Riot Grrl , Punk, and Shoe Gaze. It’s an amazing mix of different genres spread out over six tracks. Core members Romana Ashton and Drew Jones have continued the band despite the two living in different states. Singer/bass player Romana spoke to us via phone from her South Australia home base. Munster : Before we kick off can I ask how have you been going in these odd times? Romana : It’s been fine, the first few months I was ok. I prefer working from home and it suited me better.  I’m alright on my own as I’m a fairly introverted person so I cope ok with that. But even now I’m a bit sick of the walls, seeing the same thing. I have a cat to keep me entertained and to kept me sane, taking up some time and entertaining myself. But I’m itching to see a few things now, kind of over

Munster Times: the Digital edition of Matt Ryan's Rock 'n' Roll fanzine!

Hello Rock fans! This is Matt 'Munster' Ryan coming at you from the world's number one venue-per-capita city in the world; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, the third dimension (if you don't count time). More specifically, the epicentre of Melbourne's Rock scene, the legendary inner-city bayside suburb of St Kilda!! Munster Times covers all things Rock and all things Footy, with a little philosophy and poetry thrown in but usually missing. Guest artists of world renown, or a volunteer with me in the pub when I said "I need a cover", usually do the the Munster Times covers. A lot of people ask, "Is it true you were raised in Dingley?" As you know, the Dingley International Hotel has been the focus of a lot of media attention, an endless parade of celebrities and the occasional scandal. None of that has anything to do with me so I'd like to quash and squash those rumours. Kylie and I weren't really a thing and I only had Julian Assange in the