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Claire Birchall

  I first saw Clair Birchall back round 2017, when I saw her perform with her backing band, the Phantom Hitchhikers, and after seeing them I went out and got there latest LP at the time, Nothing Ever Gets Lost. Was a cracking release, amazing swampy rock n roll, and Claire’s killer voice up front made me want to hear more. Fast forward a few years, and I saw Claire again at the Tote, when she performed solo, with a guitar, keyboard, synth and drum machine. It was quite different to the other time I saw her, but still a fantastic show, and like the first time, while it was completely different musically, I still wanted to hear more. April 2020 saw the release of her latest LP, Running in Slow Motion, a one women production full of synth pop, and was left startled that such a big sound can be made by one person and a 4 track. Munster: going back to the start, were you born and raised in Geelong? Claire: a bit further down the coast, Torque, but Geelong was the closest big town. Munster: