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  Blowers I first saw Blowers a few years back at a gig I was co promoting. They were the stand out band of the day. An all star line up featuring members of bands such as Kit Convict and the Terrible Two, Plastic Section, Motel Love, and Juliette Seizure. Straight up rough as guts punk with lots of humour in it. No polish and smoothness, just rough as it is, and the tunes are all the better for it. The bands debut LP is straight up one take, if we mess up fuck it, move on rock n roll, in the spirt of Memphis icons such as the Oblivions and Jay Reatard. Singer/songwriter Kit joined me on the phone for a natter.   Munster: a few years back me and Mickster from Off the Hip put on a gig at the old bar called Born out of Times, and Mick had you guys on first, was that one of your first gigs? Kit: God I can’t even remember to be honest. We did a few gigs in 2019, then lockdown hit. We came out of that, and we felt like a new band to be honest. We were just coming out at the end of 201