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Claire Birchall

  I first saw Clair Birchall back round 2017, when I saw her perform with her backing band, the Phantom Hitchhikers, and after seeing them I went out and got there latest LP at the time, Nothing Ever Gets Lost. Was a cracking release, amazing swampy rock n roll, and Claire’s killer voice up front made me want to hear more. Fast forward a few years, and I saw Claire again at the Tote, when she performed solo, with a guitar, keyboard, synth and drum machine. It was quite different to the other time I saw her, but still a fantastic show, and like the first time, while it was completely different musically, I still wanted to hear more. April 2020 saw the release of her latest LP, Running in Slow Motion, a one women production full of synth pop, and was left startled that such a big sound can be made by one person and a 4 track. Munster: going back to the start, were you born and raised in Geelong? Claire: a bit further down the coast, Torque, but Geelong was the closest big town. Munster:

Howlin’ Threads

  Sydney outfit Howlin Threads upcoming EP Of the Sea is one of Munster’s most anticipated releases of 2022. Coming off 2020s self titled EP, the new offering from the Threads features a killer credits list, featuring cameos from Penny Ikinger, Deniz Tek, J.J McCann and Kent Steedman. It’s a wonderful mix of 80s Sydney rock and classic Detroit punk. Singer/guitarist Dylan Webster spoke to us via the email machine. Munster: Prior to Howlin Threads starting, which other bands have you played in? Dylan: I played guitar in Newcastle band ‘The Fools’ 1990-98. After that folded, I played in a few local bands with Fools drummer Adam Fermo. He’s also on this new EP. I jammed with a great Wollongong band ‘Mudlungs’ in late 98, but unfortunately I had to quit because I joined the Navy. That was a cool group. I was right into Sonic’s Rendezvous Band at the time, and so were they. I regret not being able to continue with them. Munster:   How did the Threads start? Dylan: I had a bunch of s