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Dez Dare

Former Geelong native Dez Dare left for Oz about a decade ago. Now located in the UK, the former Warped member in 2021 dropped his debut solo LP, Hairline Ego Trip. With Dez pretty much operating as a sole trader, in terms of doing everything with the LPs production, the album is full of social and political commentary, and contains nine ripping post punk tracks, and was well worth the wait considering the time inbetween releases from Dare.  You moved over to the UK, in 2010, what made you wanna leave Oz and settle overseas? I have been back and forth a few times now. I guess I am pretty restless. This seems to be ingrained in me. I am adopted and only found out about my birth parents as I got older. They were both wandering types it seems . I first came over in the mid-90s on the usual working holiday visa. I had a record by Thee Vinyl Creatures out over here and thought I would have a crack but the band broke up before I left so… classic story. I moved in 2010 with my ex-wife as she