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Deniz Tek and James Williamson

  Deniz Tek and James Williamson Deniz Tek and James Williamson both started in bands that sold bugger all records when they were together the first time round. Several decades later both got the bands back together and got the respect they deserved. In the meantime, one became a record label executive while the other became a Navy flight surgeon and an ER doctor.  You couldn’t make it up.  James Williamson and Deniz Tek reunite for their second collaboration (the first being Acoustic KO ). There ain’t nothing soft about their new LP Two to One . Old school loud Rock ’n’ Roll that the pair is known for, with elements of the Detroit garage sound both mastered in the 70s.  Deniz and James joined me from their US home-bases.   Munster:  How did the idea for the LP Two to One come about? Deniz:  Well James was doing some work with Cleopatra Records, and doing session work with some of their later releases, including Mitch Ryder and Robert Gordon. So he was in contact with their A & R g

Coffin Wolf

Coffin Wolf Coffin Wolf have finally dropped their first long player; Talk Amongst Yourselves .  The band have spent the last six years as a mainstay of the Melbourne Rock scene. They've released several singles and EPs.   Coffin Wolf is one of those bands that is almost impossible to lump into one genre. They're one of those bands you have to hear or see live. Trying to describe their sound is no easy task and you expect the unexpected with each song.  Their first album combines elements of trash, hardcore, punk and metal, providing an experience that most Rock pigs will come out enjoying. Singer/guitarist and band founder Braiden spoke to us about the new LP and the band's history.    Munster:  How did Coffin Wolf start and also where did the name come from? Braiden: The name doesn’t have an amazing story. It’s simply two dumb words put together and see what happens and that’s where we ended up...after a few beers of course. It started back in 2014. We’ve had a lot of lin