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Dez Dare

Former Geelong native Dez Dare left for Oz about a decade ago. Now located in the UK, the former Warped member in 2021 dropped his debut solo LP, Hairline Ego Trip. With Dez pretty much operating as a sole trader, in terms of doing everything with the LPs production, the album is full of social and political commentary, and contains nine ripping post punk tracks, and was well worth the wait considering the time inbetween releases from Dare.  You moved over to the UK, in 2010, what made you wanna leave Oz and settle overseas? I have been back and forth a few times now. I guess I am pretty restless. This seems to be ingrained in me. I am adopted and only found out about my birth parents as I got older. They were both wandering types it seems . I first came over in the mid-90s on the usual working holiday visa. I had a record by Thee Vinyl Creatures out over here and thought I would have a crack but the band broke up before I left so… classic story. I moved in 2010 with my ex-wife as she


  Blowers I first saw Blowers a few years back at a gig I was co promoting. They were the stand out band of the day. An all star line up featuring members of bands such as Kit Convict and the Terrible Two, Plastic Section, Motel Love, and Juliette Seizure. Straight up rough as guts punk with lots of humour in it. No polish and smoothness, just rough as it is, and the tunes are all the better for it. The bands debut LP is straight up one take, if we mess up fuck it, move on rock n roll, in the spirt of Memphis icons such as the Oblivions and Jay Reatard. Singer/songwriter Kit joined me on the phone for a natter.   Munster: a few years back me and Mickster from Off the Hip put on a gig at the old bar called Born out of Times, and Mick had you guys on first, was that one of your first gigs? Kit: God I can’t even remember to be honest. We did a few gigs in 2019, then lockdown hit. We came out of that, and we felt like a new band to be honest. We were just coming out at the end of 201

Ron Peno

  I’ve seen Ronnie perform many times over the years, and he’s always been a top class performer. Doesn’t matter if he’s playing with Died Pretty at the Forum or in a tiny pub with just him and Cam Butler, the man always gives the exact same balls out performance every time, and what a show he puts on. Ron’s latest LP with the Superstitions, Do you Understand, is one of the year’s best. Seven tracks in under 30 minutes, it’s an LP of life, and all the things that make it, good and bad, accompanied by that beautiful voice of Ron’s, one of the best vocals to come out of Australia. Munster: Do you Understand, the new Superstitions LP dropped yesterday, tell us something about the process for this recording that was different to the other releases? Ron: not much, probably the only difference was I recorded all the vocals in Cam’s apartment, just him and I worked on the vocals. I did all the vocals, including the backing, I had lots of ideas, I was far more comfortable doing it at Cams

Saskia Holling

        Saskia Holling recently released her debut book, Girlsville: the Story of the Delmonas and the Headcoatees, a wonderful bio on two of the most well known bands to have come out of the Medway scene. Some people think of both bands as Billy Childish projects, and while Billy certainly had his fingerprints all over both bands, the book dives deep into the history of both bands, and its members, before and after, and during the bands run. All the ladies of both bands participate in the book and all are given equal time to have their say. While a few other people are interviewed, including Billy Childish, the ladies get most of the air time, as it should be as its their story. What makes Girlsville such a wonderful read is that it’s a loving tribute to two bands that deserves nothing but praise, well researched and Saskia writes from a fans perspective, and while its not necessarily written from her perspective she does throw in her own comment now and then, which for me giv