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Munster Times #29

  Letter from the Editor issue 29 Now. I’d just like to clear things up. No, I’m not stopping Munster . Issue 28 was not the last issue. I said that as a joke to stick it to Izzy Folau, so rest assured I ain’t stopping. Mind you I was quite humbled by the amount of grief and sorrow that I received when people thought it was the end, and also very humbled people were asking how they can donate to the Go Fund Me, the one that didn’t exist.  Having said that would have been nice to see how much money I would have raised. But then what would I do with the money? I don’t like flying so I couldn’t flee the country, and all I wear is t-shirts and op shop jeans so I ain’t spending it on a new wardrobe. And there’s about five pubs I’m a regular at and I don’t like change so it’s not like I could move two doors down and drinking the money away somewhere else. I think I could just spend it at the Balaclava and hang out in the pokies area no one would look there. That’s my way of hiding as I ain’t

Kim Salmon and the Surrealists

  Kim Salmon is one of the most important figures not just in Australia, but also in Europe and the states. A highly influential figure that has influenced music scenes all around the world with several bands. Kim's latest release proves that after all these years he’s still pushing bounders and making new and exciting music. Kim Salmon and the Surrealists have just dropped Rantings from the Book of Swamp , their first LP in ten years, a double LP that was an improvised affair, featuring some ripping songs that only the godfather of grunge could muster up. Munster: How are you holding up in these odd times? Kim: It's tough for a lot of people and people can get bored. (laughs) Today's been a good one, I’m keeping myself amused. I’ve been doing a few paintings and I know I’m not alone. There’s gonna be a lot of COVID art that will come out when this is all over, whenever that is. Certainly gives me the chance to do something I’ve been putting off for years. Playing Mus